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Program memory is low

My new Striiv is refurbished. It is giving me the message that its program memory is very low. What can I do about that. (It won't let me do anything else until I take care of this problem.)

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 Hi Anna,

Have you downloaded and installed the Sync app?  If you haven't, you can get it from

They sync app has a restore functionality that should help:

If there is a problem with your Striiv device software, there is functionality built into the Sync application that will attempt to repair it. Repairing your Striiv device software will not erase your user data. 

On a Windows computer:
Open Striiv SyncRight-click on the Striiv Sync application in the task bar (usually in the bottom, right corner of your PC next to the clock)Choose SettingsClick the button to repair device software Follow the prompt to plug in your Striiv to begin the repair process 

On a Mac computer:
Open Striiv SyncClick on the Striiv Sync menu at the top of the screenChoose 'Repair Striiv device software'Follow the prompt to plug in your Striiv to begin the repair process
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