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play got wet :(

 My husband forgot his play was in his pocket when he jumped in a swimming pool.  We let it completely dry out, and then charged it when it would turn on again, but after leaving it plugged in overnight it will not hold a charge now.  It will say 100% charged, but then once it's pulled off the charger, it immediately says low and plug in.

Is there anything we can do? Please help! We both enjoy using the play and my husband has been a long time pedometer wearer and it's the best one he's had!

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I forgot and jumped in pool while on a cruise and Striiv was On my suit. Now wont turn on. Tried to dry out and recharge. Kept in rice for days... Can it be fixed or do I have to start again ?? Help !!! Love this thing
Did either of you get an answer?  I washed & dried mine today.


I have still not gotten an answer. I am about to buy another one... Looking for a phone number to actually talk to a person!

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it happened to me and I did save him.

bury in jarful of rice and cover tight. be patient,  it took mine 5 or 6 days for full recovery.


They no longer offer phone support and response to emails is unacceptably slow.  They have a nice product but should have better support.  Mine went through the wash and I left it in rice for quite a few days.  It will only turn on when I plug into the charger.  I replaced it with one that wouldn't turn on at all, and now I have one that will only hold a charge for 4 hours.  I submitted a ticket but the wait time is unacceptable.  I will return it to Best Buy and just use the app with my iPhone, which is not so convenient, but apparently they are having production as well as, communication problems.  And no phone support indicates low interest in speaking with their customers.  They could at least offer live chat.


Same exact thing happened to me today, jumped in the pool with it in my pocket. Only had my striiv play for 3 days :(. Wrapped it in paper towels &left on the dash of my car all day to dry out (90+ degrees today). Unit powers up ok, but Bluetooth radio must be fried, it won't send a signal to the phone to pair up. Already ordered another one, but still hoping this one can be salvaged.
We bought a new play since it seemed there was nothing to do. The lack of an official answer is disappointing!! Even if all they can say is I'm sorry there is nothing we can do, at least that would be an answer!! I have lost my play too, but I have not replaced it yet. This is making me have second thoughts. When mine was new I had questions and they were immediately answered, I was impressed, but that was well over a year ago.
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