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Looking for Striiv friends? Look here!

Do you need a little healthy competition to keep moving? You're in the right place. Let others know you're in the market for some Striiv friends here, and you can add each other as friends in the Striiv app. 

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I would love to have people to walk with. I live in Tulsa, OK.

Add me! :)

Feel free to add me!
Add me :D
iOS striiv user looking for healthy competition! Add me up :)

Please add me!  I need more Striiv friends

Please add me! Laha cienda :) thanks!
Please add me as a friend, am looking for help in playing the game


Looking for friends around the world for fun and chat. I live in Canada
Chris Hutchings NZ
Add me on from NZ. Looking for some competition.
Hopefully this is allowed but I have made a Facebook group called 'Striiv Friends Global' feel free to join!

Add me! Greater Springfield, Brisbane, Australia

Please add me. I would love the support. I use to be a great fan of the Striiv play until they closed it down. Then I lost interest. But I want to start up again. Kkllroberts@icloud. Com
Add me ....looking to stay motivated ....

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