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Just bought a Fusion Bio

Need friends to add to my striiv.. you can add me .

I bought the activity tacker at Walgreens on Greenway in Sun City AZ & paid 70 dollars and unable to make it work.  Help.

(842 KB)

I can not get it to work.

It is a little bit too complicated .. but if you fallow up very attentive the instruction you will get there . First at all put your device to charge by connecting the divice to an USB , One side ( laptop, IPad or computer and the other side intotdeauna watch . How? You have to snap the little " black " outside divice into the right space of the watch and you will hear a click , and them plug in the little cable wait 90 min to charge Meanwhile you have to dowload the app from the google play on your IPhone , or Ipad and fallow the instructions .
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