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Band/Charger Connector

How do I go about getting another connector, I do not know why this is a separate piece other than to loose it.

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Where do I get a charging cradle??? Strive fusion light. I would rather not have to order it off line if possible.

Hi Adam,

You may purchase a replacement cradle for the Fusion Lite here:

How do i order a new charger?

Fusion charging accessories have been out of stock for two weeks now. When will they be available again?

Hi Kory!

I've responded to your ticket with instructions, so please check your email!

My charging clip broke and won't lock to my watch, so I can't charge it. Where can I buy just the clip?

Hi Martha,

Check your email as well!

My battery won't keep a charge.

Hi David/Colleen,

It looks like you've got a ticket open with Carmela, so give her troubleshooting tips a try and let her know how it goes!

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