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Lost the tracker

My little black activity tracker keeps falling out of the bracelet! Its currently somewhere in my house but I can't find it! This is so frustrating as i don't feel it falling out and then I can't find it! This time its really missing!!!

Hi Carla, we suggest utilizing a Bluetooth finder app similar to the following: 

You would be looking for a Bluetooth ID starting with Striiv Bio2 followed by 4 letters/numbers. If you're not able to find the tracker, drop us a line at and we'll see how we can help you out.

Carla! I completely agree with you! Mine drops out ALLLLL the time. Literally every morning when I put on my backpack I have to be careful, or when I put on take off anything with long sleeves. It finally fell again and was accidentally stepped in while I was working out and now its broke. Definite design flaw. I'm going to message Customer Service bc this was a lot of money to lose and I love the device, just not that it falls out. What's the point of wearing a fitness band that you have to always be super careful of not losing while doing normal everyday things?

YES, I cannot agree more!! It fell out constantly and finally today I didn't notice that it dropped out until a colleague mentioned and by then it was too late, that's alot of money to "misplace",just from going around your daily life.. I don't even know where or when it dropped! Definitely design flaw! Everyone was telling me to stop wearing it because it drops out constantly, but what's the point of buying a fitness band that I can't use to track my daily ongoing? Not to mention that I have had trouble with syncing the data for 2 months, contacted customer service, tried all the recommendations, solutions, reset to factory default TWICE and finally I gave up and just lived with data that is always 2 weeks older.. SO SO disappointed!

We encourage anyone experiencing wristband issues to contact us at - give the Bluetooth finder instructions above a shot as well.

Hi Neil, 

I don't even know where or when i dropped the tracker, i only have the wristband left, no point trying the bluetooth finder instructions.

I had to adjust mine to make it stop falling out. I put two short lengths of heatshrink on either side of the tracker around the band to make the lip around it a bit bigger. I also had to use a little glue to hold the heatshrink to the band (Kwik Grip, a few others wouldn't hold properly)
Hasn't fallen out since. 

The problem is a design flaw. If there was a little extra lip around the tracker, it wouldn't fall out.

Customer service should make bio2 bands like their original fusion for every one. I was changing bands out all the time for a little more stiffness and still the nugget was falling out. Finally they made me a band out of stiffer, thicker? material and PROBLEM SOLVED. BEEN 6 months and it has not fallen out once. I am so happy...
Mine fell out several times. I managed to find it every time, for the most part. Recently I lost it for almost a week. I contacted customer care to let them know I was having the same problem with the band as everyone else and it is obviously a design flaw. Customer care responded that I should try a device finder app and then gave me instructions on how to properly place my tracker in the band (because if it was falling out, obviously I did not know how to put it in). They told me it was not a design flaw, the tracker "doesn't usually fall out," and I probably had stretched or torn the band. They wished me good luck on finding it. Not thrilled here.
This company is a farce! My tracker from day one keep falling out because of the design flaws. Eventually having taken off my jacket on a recent flight I lost it completely. I wrote to the company to complain about the design flaw. After a week I received some nonsense that the unit is designed not to fall out!! And that my bracket must have been defective. Meanwhile they have a link to a Bluetooth finder! Oh they just happen to have this link handy! They have it because of the amount of customers who have the same issue as myself. A joke of a company with a lethargic management who are not interested in customer engagement. Avoid like the plaque!
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