Make sure:

  • The tracker is plugged in and charging

  • The tracker is within 2 inches of the phone/tablet you're attempting to pair with

  • Your phone or tablet’s WiFi is turned on and connected (or you have a strong cellular data signal)

  • Your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth is turned on

  • Your phone or tablet is running on at least Android 4.4 or iOS 9.

  • Your phone or tablet possesses Bluetooth low energy technology (i.e. Bluetooth 4.0*)

* For Android users, if you’re unsure of your device’s Bluetooth capabilities, check it using BLE Checker.



Many variables can affect the pairing process. If you run into trouble, try these steps:

Force quit or close the app

  • Android: Within the phone/tablet settings, select Apps or App Manager > Striiv > tap the force stop option.
  • iOS: double-press the home button at the bottom of the phone/tablet screen, then scroll through apps shown and swipe up on the Striiv app to force quit.

Restart your phone or tablet - This is typically done by pressing and holding down the power button, then selecting/swiping to power off. Press and hold the power button once more to turn it back on. Each phone/tablet is different, so be sure to search for specific instructions if this method doesn't work.
Disconnect the tracker from Bluetooth (iOS only) - Within your phone/tablet Bluetooth connection settings, look for a device starting with "J" (and 19 characters following). Select this device and disconnect it from the Bluetooth.

  • Note: Pairing Striiv devices with a phone or tablet can only be done using the Striiv app. Do not attempt to pair the device directly through Bluetooth settings.

Factory Reset the device 

  1. If you see time/date on the device: turn on the Striiv device and swipe to the left of the time/date (and battery percentage) screen to select Apps  > swipe to the second Apps screen to select settings > swipe to the factory reset screen  and tap the check mark to confirm.
  2. If you see, battery % and/or a 4 digit pairing code on the device: plug in the device and swipe to the battery % or screen and tap and hold to open the device menu > swipe to the factory reset screen  and tap the check mark to confirm.

If you’re still unable to pair your tracker, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help you out.