Go to your phone/tablet 'settings' > Bluetooth. You will see a device listed as Striiv Bio2, with 4 letters/numbers after that. That is your Bio 2! Next to the ID, it will either say "connected" or 'not connected". You want your Bio 2 to be connected! If it says anything other than "connected", forget the device in Bluetooth settings by selecting the "i" next to the connection status, then force quit and restart the Striiv app on your phone/tablet to reconnect the Bio 2 via double tapping the side of the device with the app open.



Go to your phone/tablet settings>apps>select Striiv, then force quit/stop and restart the app. Once the app is restarted, keep the app open and double tap the side of the Bio 2 to reconnect with the app.

Make sure Do Not Disturb mode is off: turn on the Bio2 and swipe to the left of time/date and battery % to select Apps> tap > tap the off option.

As a last resort, you may follow these steps to reset the notifications connection: 

  • Open the app and select the gear icon on the gray device banner at the top of the app's main screen. Scroll down to select de-register device and follow the prompts to do so.
  • (iOS only) Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings and find a device starting with Striiv Bio2, followed by 4 letter/numbers. Select the info for this device and then select forget this device to disconnect the device from Bluetooth.
  • Restart your phone/tablet.

  • Finally, open the app and select tracker settings within the app menu, then tap connect.


If you continue to have difficulty receiving notifications, drop us a line at!